Graduation day University of Essex

Pentru că a sosit și această zi.

The ceremony begins with the procession of Academic Staff, Officers of the University and the Chancellor* entering the auditorium. The University Mace is carried in front of the Chancellor*, and signifies their authority to preside at the ceremony.
The Chancellor* opens the ceremony and makes a welcome speech.
This is followed by a representative from departments providing a short overview of the work of the departments.
Each graduand is then presented individually to the Chancellor*. Research students will be formally presented with their caps.
If there is an Honorary Graduand or the Alumnus of the Year attending the ceremony, they will then be presented to the Chancellor* and may make a speech.
The Vice-Chancellor makes a brief closing statement and the Chancellor* formally closes the ceremony.
The processions leave the auditorium, followed by the graduates of the University.
The Scintillo String Quartet play music in the Hall before and after the ceremony, and during the entrance and exit of the processions and graduates.
*or his/her representative

There are approximately 250 graduates with 700 guests, and the ceremony normally lasts around two hours. There is also a live screening of the ceremony (see below).

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