Advent 2017 * Ziua cu numărul 18

Mai avem puțin și Crăciunul sosește. E așteptat cu mare nerăbdare mai ales că acum, în acest an, vom fi toți acasă. De aceea și deplasarea noastră la București, pentru a-l întâmpina pe Răzvan așa cum se cuvine.

Aici, totul are aer de poveste pentru că, așa cum deja știm, e ceva special indiferent de anotimp. Ori poate pentru că locul acesta înseamnă atât de mult pentru noi. Nu știu care-i explicația dar simt că aici suntem în siguranță și totul este îmbrăcat în bine. Binele după care tânjim atât de mult!

A nins aseară ca-n basme, cu fulgi mari și jucăuși. I-am admirat și apreciat. Am stat în casă, la căldura focului, și am depănat amintiri de atunci de când eram noi, adulții, copii. spre mirarea copiilor care nu-și pot imagina părinții în asemenea ipostaze.

Cartolina de astăzi a sosit mai devreme.

Cartea zilei se numește The Swiss Family Robinson și se alătură celorlalte titluri pe care le avem din această colecție.

The novel opens with the family in the hold of a sailing ship, weathering a great storm. The ships’ passengers evacuate without them, and William and Elizabeth and their four children (Fritz, Ernest, Jack and Francis) are left to survive alone. As the ship tosses about, the father – William – prays that God will spare them.

The ship survives the night and the family finds themselves within sight of a tropical desert island. The next morning, they decide to get to the island they can see beyond the reef. With much effort, they construct a vessel out of tubs. After they fill the tubs with food and ammunition and all other articles of value they can safely carry, they row toward the island. Two dogs from the ship named Turk and Juno swim beside them. The ship’s cargo of livestock (including chickens, domestic ducks, domestic geese, and domestic pigeons), guns & powder, carpentry tools, books, a disassembled pinnace, and provisions have survived.

Upon reaching the island, the family set up a makeshift camp. The father knows that they must prepare for a long time on the island and his thoughts are as much on provisions for the future as for their immediate wants. William and his oldest son Fritz spend the next day exploring the island.

The family spends the next few days securing themselves against hunger. William and Fritz make several trips to the ship in their efforts to bring ashore everything useful from the vessel. The domesticated animals on the ship are towed back to the island. There is also a great store of firearms and ammunition, hammocks for sleeping, carpenter’s tools, lumber, cooking utensils, silverware, and dishes. Initially they construct a treehouse, but as time passes (and after Elizabeth is injured climbing the stairs down from it), they settle in a more permanent dwelling in part of a cave. Fritz rescues a young Englishwoman (Jenny Montrose) shipwrecked elsewhere on their island.

The book covers more than ten years. The father and older boys explore various environments and develop homes and gardens in various sites about the island. At the end, the father wonders if they will ever again see the rest of humanity. Eventually a British ship that is in search of Jenny Montrose anchors near the island and is discovered by the family. The captain is given the journal containing the story of their life on the island which is eventually published. Several members of the family choose to continue to live tranquilly on their island while several of them return to Europe with the British ship. (sursa wikipedia)

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